This year we are inviting you to become a Member of NextStage Productions. We are offering annual memberships at $25. each and/or become a sustaining Member for $10 a month, automatically deducted from your credit card.

If you have been in a class and the experience was a benefit to you, if you sing with the Players and have grown more professional, if you want to keep NSP prominently in place in our community, its easy, become a Member. 

Your contribution of $25 will help NextStage Productions...

NextStage Productions is going strong in its sixth year.  We have served the community of Santa Cruz in a variety of ways:

*Offered classes in the performing arts to more than 800 students.

*Our performing troupes number 45 people and they have presented shows to more than 5000 folks.

*The Health & Wellness division offered training to 20 facilitators who have presented this class to 300 people with memory loss.

* Offered major productions: Bingo the Winning Musical 2017 & the Love-In 2018.  And plans for a production in Spring of 2020.

We have been able to do this because we have an enthusiastic group of performers who learn their songs and open-heartedly present them.  We have directors who bring the best presentations an actor can give.  And we have teachers dedicated to their performance craft.

Our expenses have been covered in the past with your support of our few fundraising efforts each year.  As we grow, so too are our expenses.

Please continue to support our programs by becoming a Member.