Consider NextStage for an End of Year gift - Please Donate Now!

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A Message from our President

Dear Friends of NextStage, As I finished putting the last of the Thanksgiving turkey and trimmings away and pondered the gifts that life has brought my way, I want to take this opportunity to say a word of thanks to this vibrant organization for enriching me in so many ways. 

* I love performing and as a part of the NSP Players, I was given the opportunity to sing and perform with a number of other talented performers at Aegis of Aptos, Maple House, Sunshine Villa, La Posada etc.

* As President of the NSP Board, I have monitored the board meetings and helped to shape the purpose and vision of NextStage for the last 3 years. 

* I have been encouraged to be a life long learner and have taken advantage of the NSP classes for dance, voice and acting.

* As an actor, I played the role of Patsy in Bingo, the Winning Musical which was produced by NSP.

So, this holiday season, using the words of the editor of the Sentinel, I will “go deep and go thankful” for the wonderful ride that NextStage Productions continues to offer me. Additionally, if we have touched you by making you laugh or given you a lighter heart, then I dare say we’ve offered you something special too. However, it is only through your generosity that NSP can continue to provide performing arts opportunities to seniors. We are a nonprofit organization so please give generously.

 Warmly,  Shari Gallegos, NSP Board President

In-Kind Donations

In addition to cash contributions, many businesses donate products to charity, often referred to as “in-kind” gifts,” or offer their services on a free “pro bono” basis. Other companies have products that can be used by nonprofits, including products from current inventory, obsolete merchandise, returned or slightly damaged goods, computers, or office furniture and equipment. Nonprofits can also benefit from services provided by a company and/or its employees, such as printing, legal representation or publication design.

Our Wish List:

Office Space - Rehearsal Space - Computers and Printers - Paper and Ink - Office Copier - Office Phones - Office Supplies - Bankers Boxes - Print Services Postage - Marketing Services - Photography - Videography

We also have Sponsorship Opportunities for some of our special events. A great way to reach our community.



Your Help is Needed!

To help NextStage continue to build a world where every individual flourishes across their lifespan through creative expression.

Outcome: Our contribution over the last five years includes a collaboration with Cabrillo Extension, Cabrillo Stage and Cabrillo Theater Arts to conduct a week long summer performing arts program, where we have delivered over 1,000 hours of creative arts training. Additionally classes are conducted in the Spring and Fall for students on a serious learning track. These are 6 or 8 week courses in voice, dance, improv, storytelling as well as other disciplines.

To help NextStage Players, a touring company of 35 seasoned performers, continue to bring joyful entertainment to the Santa Cruz Community with original musical and Broadway style productions. To improve our delivery system using digital music and sound amplification for appearances at larger venues.

Outcome:  The Players perform about 30 times a year and are enjoyed by audiences, particularly residents at healthcare and assisted living facilities and reach approximately 50 spectators per performance. This fall we also produced BINGO the winning musical, our first full scaled musical production and over 900 ticket buyers came.  All in all we are performing for “lots” of people at various venues, and loving every minute of it!

To help NextStage bring more cutting edge Health and Wellness Programs to the aging citizens and families of Santa Cruz County . The purpose of these programs is to enhance the quality of living, aging gracefully, and keeping a meaningful contact with their community.

Outcome: TimeSlips addresses wellness and happiness by using the open, poetic language of improvisational storytelling, which invites people with memory loss to express themselves and connect with others. TimeSlips is more than an activity…it is a way of being in relationships, and offers better care through creative engagement. TimeSlips is being offered free at Elderday and Sunshine Villa on a bi-weekly basis. Next year we are planning to develop a program of music and movement for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease.

To help NextStage build its volunteer leadership to expand and manage the organization, and strengthen our mission and goals into the future.

Outcome: Till now only a few founding volunteers, working diligently without any paid staff, have organized and made great strides with our NSP Programs. But as we prepare for the huge number of boomers turning 65yrs old we will need more help to serve such a diversified population. We have recently hired a part time administrative assistant and we will continue to recruit volunteer leadership who have a with a passion for the cause. If your are interested in helping us, please contact us at 831-316-4833-Voice Mail.